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The Data Governance Program aims to ensure information assets support Stanford’s ability to understand and dynamically respond to the requirements of its mission. It supports the effective, accurate, and appropriate use of Stanford’s administrative data assets by analysts and decision makers across the university. The team supports data stewardship activities, documentation of data, maintenance of our data catalog and development of data use policies and procedures.

Stanford’s Data Governance Program Goals

  • Improve availability and usability of data across the University

  • Support consistent data definition and collection to enable interoperability across operational units, schools and departments.

  • Ensure our data is easy to use, well documented, and its meaning is transparent to analysts and decision-makers.

  • Simplify the maintenance of reports and recurring analyses.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, would like to discuss ways that you or your team could become involved, would like to request access to any of our resources, or believe that you’ve identified a Data Governance, Data Quality or Data Stewardship opportunity at Stanford, please to contact us: